Hello, this is Us!

We are a small, tight-knit team of four based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Specializing in visual brand identity, user experience, print design, and photography, we create strong, cohesive brand experiences with clear meanings and loud voices. We define our creative disciplines as studious: meticulous, knowledgeable, and done with great care, attention, and most of all intent.

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Print Design

What can we say, our passion lies with print. Nothing compares to the impact a printed piece has on one's senses... the tactility of the paper, the smell of the ink, the weight of the piece...mmm! We work with our clients and local printers to create elegant print solutions. Whether we are designing a brochure or poster, we consider every detail from screen to screen.





Print Promotions


Photography is our speciality. We use the most relevant equipment to deliver stunning, high quality images to our clients.  We understand that the first experience your customer will have with your product or brand is likely a photograph. Paired with our love and knowledge of design, we capture with intent: analyzing every pixel to stay true to your brand’s voice. 



Product & Food

Lifestyle & Event

Fashion & Portrait


Brand Identity

We absolutely love branding. We believe a strong, cohesive identity is the first step to a successful brand.Today a branding needs to be flexible: it needs to be consistent and engaging across a wide range of platforms. Fueled by our meticulous nature, we build what we call responsive brand systems: visual identities that are relevant, memorable, and strategic at every touchpoint. 


Visual Identity Design

Brand Application

Brand Strategy & Development

Brand Guidelines & Media Kits